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Form Factor Audio Launches New Bass Instinct Amps

Form Factor Audio Launches New Bass Instinct Amps

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Form Factor Audio Launches New Bass Instinct Amps

Form Factor Audio Bass Instinct Amps…

Form Factor Audio (FFA) announced the launch of its new Bass Instinct Amps – the Bi1000Di and Bi500Di.

Recognized as being at the forefront of today’s technology-driven musical forms, FFA completed the modification of its Bi (Bass Instinct) Series of amplifiers with the introduction of the Bi1000Di and Bi500Di replacing outgoing models, Bi1000 and Bi400.

The Bi1000 and Bi400 Bass Instinct Amps have been in production for over four years and during this time received extremely positive feedback and quickly became the amplifiers of choice for many professional bass players.

“The Bi1000Di and Bi500Di amplifiers retain all the qualities of the previous models but builds on the success with the addition of several new features,” says Mike Lera, Head of Engineering at Form Factor Audio.

The new models have an updated preamp design, a headphone jack on the front and more significantly, two Balanced XLR Direct Out outputs with one being pre-EQ and one being post-EQ.

Mike Lera Continues…

“I have not seen amplifiers with Two Direct Outs, which usually means making a switch to Pre-EQ and Post-EQ, which limits the amplifier’s capabilities for studio and concert work”

“In this configuration, the Pre-EQ DI output transmits a direct signal from the bass guitar without any coloration. The Gain and Master controls do not affect the signal, which allows the sound engineer to get the signal they need into the FOH system, and the bass player to create their own sound on stage.

“If the Mute Button is engaged, the signal is still passed through to the Pre-EQ output. The post-EQ output signal runs through the preamp first and is affected by the gain, although the master output does not affect the output signal in this case.”

“This configuration of the Bass Instinct Amps is ideal for work in the studio. And since the quality of the preamplifier is up to studio standards, it allows the bass player to record a signal without using bass cabinets – which is important for studios in which there is no sound room.”

“In concert work, using Pre-EQ and Post-EQ gives players the choice of which signal to use, which pre-amplifier to use to produce the final signal, the Bi1000Di pre-amplifier or FOH mixer pre-amplifier or both.”

The presence of Pre-EQ and Post-EQ makes it possible to separate the signal on different channels of the mixer and on the Left and Right sides of the FOH system.

For example, in one channel, the signal can be generated by the preamp of the bass amplifier and in the other channel, by the preamp of the mixing console. This gives an interesting effect, especially when playing solo bass pieces, making it possible to use effects on one channel and a clear signal on the other. This allows the musician to select their preferred signal to hear in the monitors as well.

The Form Factor Audio Bass Instinct Amps Bi1000Di and Bi500Di are shipping and available for sale at all dealerships across the US and online at

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