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Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Pedals

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Aguilar Amplification Announces Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Pedals

From the heart of New York City, Aguilar invites you to celebrate 25 years of inspired engineering with their limited run of Silver Anniversary pedals. Finished in Aguilar’s iconic silver and black color scheme, these pedals feature a serialized 25th Anniversary decal and special commemorative packaging. In this strictly limited run, 500 units of the Tone Hammer Preamp, 250 each of the Octamizer and TLC Compressor, and 100 of the AGRO, Chorusaurus, Filter Twin, Fuzzistor, and Grape Phaser pedals will be built.

The Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Pedals will begin shipping January 2020 with U.S. street prices of:

  • AGRO – $219.00
  • Chorusaurus – $246.00
  • Filter Twin – $246.00
  • Fuzzistor – $199.00
  • Grape Phaser – $199.00 Octamizer – $199.00
  • TLC Compressor – $246.00
  • Tone Hammer Preamp – $289.00

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