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Caparison Guitars Releases 2020 Brocken 5-BASS

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Caparison Guitars Releases 2020 Brocken 5-BASS

Caparison Guitars is proud to announce the release of the new 2020 Brocken 5-BASS, the first-ever 5-string Caparison bass. 

The Brocken 5-BASS… evolutionary or revolutionary? That would be for you to decide, but what is beyond any doubt is the 5 string, 27 fret Brocken5-BASS is the most comprehensive, complete and extraordinary bass guitar that Caparison has ever developed.

A perfect balance between functionality and exuberant design, precise engineering and cognitive creativity. The unique and carefully considered quadripartite body construction, featuring a Maple core – flanked by two wings of Australian Black Wood, crowned with a select Black Walnut top, gives a full and well-rounded sonorous quality. The fundamentals are strong and defined and the clear harmonics ring out with a bell-like quality.

The slim and fast Maple & Walnut 5-Piece constructed neck, with a super smooth Kalimantan Ebony fretboard makes for an almost effortless playability with easy access to all 27 frets. The inclusion of twin internal titanium support rods provides the neck with solid and reliable stability too.

Adding the Fishman Fluence 5-String Bass Soapbar pickup system to the Brocken5-BASS further enhances the huge tonal range available on this incredible instrument, all easily dialed in and all exhilarating and emphatically usable.

The Brocken 5-BASS is the total package of everything that is at the heart of Caparison Guitars. The devotion of providing an unparalleled playing experience and the joy of innovation.  The Brocken5-BASS excels at inspiring your own creativity.  

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