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Content 2.0 and Constant Over the Air Updates? This Is How Singular Sound Is Making Their Gear Future-Proof

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Content 2.0 and Constant Over the Air Updates? This Is How Singular Sound Is Making Their Gear Future-Proof

Musicians have always been a bit divided: 

“Do I play the latest and greatest or do I stick with what I know and trust?” 

In other words: “Do I use vintage gear or cutting edge technology?”

After coming onto the music scene just a few years ago with the release of the BeatBuddy, Singular Sound now seems to be promising an alternative. Use the gear you know and love, while updating it with features and content fit for the times.

BeatBuddy: Still Being Updated With Content Musicians Love Many Years After Its Debut

This past year, Singular Sound has released several major updates to the BeatBuddy including a brand new visual UX and completely reworked content on their website free of charge. 

The new visual UX, evidence of Singular Sound’s commitment to its users, focuses on readability and visual cues geared towards a user-friendly experience. The new visual metronome, in pairing with highlighted sub-sections of rhythm parts, makes sure that no matter what the BeatBuddy is doing, the player knows exactly where they are in a section.

In addition to the new UX, the updated content features a re-recorded and tweaked sample library with more attention to the minute details that make the BeatBuddy sound like a real drummer. The original rhythms were also re-mixed and EQ’d for a better balance in your mix. Some drum sets, like the standard kit, the Latin set, and the jazz kit, were totally re-recorded with focus on making the BeatBuddy come to life and replicate the nuances of timbres and sounds in each kit. 

They didn’t stop there, along with the new approach to a more musical drum-machine, Singular Sound has released their brand-new Premium Library content with an optional Groove Monkee add-on. The Premium Library 2020 content is pre-loaded on an SD card with 800+ cover songs modeled after the actual drum parts, 22 drum sets, and 30+ genres. With the Groove Monkee add-on, available on either the pre-loaded SD or for download on their website, there are even more basic grooves like Ballads, Blues Classics, and Rock Classics. The Groove Monkee content also features one-tap songs that are modeled after real songs, leaving behind the need for transitions and functioning like a backing track.

Aeros Loop Studio: Near Weekly Over the Air Updates Make Getting the Latest and Greatest Firmware Hassle-Free

The Aeros is not your standard looper pedal. With a full-color LCD touch-screen, built-in Wifi for easy updates, and hands-free mixing–along with many other features–the Aeros is one of a kind. Updates are released on a nearly weekly basis, making use of user feedback to ensure top-of-the-line user experience. 

This is gear that will grow with you and will be a good investment for years to come. While other gear becomes obsolete with minimal or non-existent firmware updates (not to mention the hassle of installing the update) the Aeros will feel brand-new with every new firmware version, and the update process only takes minutes with only the need of a Wifi connection.

Is This the Start of an Exciting New Era of Music Gear?

Perhaps the most exciting part of the BeatBuddy is, despite the product being 7 years old, Singular Sound is still releasing new firm-ware updates regularly. 

Why is this so exciting? Because, as is seen with the new Aeros Loop Station, Singular Sound’s mission of creating long-lasting, dynamic products could bring in a new era of gear that is endlessly improving. There’s a reason why people still buy gear from the 80s, and it’s not just nostalgia. Modern products have a tendency to fade away with the introduction of new technology and a $600 dollar loop pedal becomes obsolete overnight with the release of a brand-new, cutting-edge product. It stinks. 

In the Apple age of endless consumption for new features, trashing (or selling) old products for the new version has become commonplace. One buys gear expecting it to be worthless in a year or two, leading many to use expensive vintage gear for the sake of a time-tested machine. 

Now, with the introduction of the Aeros’s Wifi updates, this may be the dawning of a new age. An age where tech is constantly improving and remains relevant many years after its release. The implications are limitless, Wifi updates on pedals, cutting edge digital instruments with over-the-air updates of sonic quality, new patches and touch-response updates at the touch of a button, you name it. Only time will tell what this new feature will mean for the music tech industry, but, man, is it exhilarating.

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