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ÖSA for Live Gigs, Off-The-Grid!

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ÖSA for Live Gigs, Off-The-Grid!

ÖSA… Bring your gear and PA wherever your heart desires for the ultimate backcountry experience

ÖSA, is the first clean and efficient commuter vessel with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities.

ÖSA, apart from being a lightweight, clean, and quiet electric motorcycle, serves for a new means of transportation, towards a zero-emissions future. The workbench serves those who wish to make anything from a five-star meal to camp chili.

Transportation and Commuting:

The obligation to change, to avoid an environmental meltdown is shared by everyone. Transportation is one of the evident ones, where combustion vehicles are being replaced by electric ones, gasoline and diesel are being banned, and cars will be excluded from the urban landscape.

For a Variety of Needs:

The variety of needs for transportation has never been greater. From highways to trails, office workers to craftsmen, transportation vessels must be versatile.

The Solution:

Ösa—the electric and modular utility commuter with off-road capabilities and integrated power station.

Off the Grid Independence:

Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, the Ösa is a power station on a wheel—taking you to wherever, to do your thing, independently, off the grid. The carpenter or gardener can bring and charge their power tools anywhere to execute their work, off the grid. The rock guitarist or DJ may do a gig or a forest rave, bringing their gear in the middle of nowhere. UPS or pizza delivery may execute clean last-mile deliveries in cities around the world.

CAKE is a Swedish company that develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes. CAKE’s mission is to inspire towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is elaborated for perfection while considering the perspectives of sustainability. It’s all about the outdoors. Explore with respect.

The Ösa can be preordered now at

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