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Bill Withers Bass Transcriptions

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Bill Withers Bass Transcriptions

Bill Withers Bass Transcriptions

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Bill Withers Bass Transcriptions…

When Bill Withers started recording in 1970, he didn’t quit his day job in an aircraft assembly plant. And in 1985, he walked away from the music business to pursue other interests.

“I wasn’t socialized as a musician,” he once told an interviewer. “It wasn’t the only way I knew how to live.”


But in those short 15 years of recording, the work of this honest, sensitive singer/songwriter helped define the sound of 1970s soul music.

Aidan Hampson has collected the bass lines to 11 Bill Withers hits, as played by such brilliant bass talent as Donald “Duck” Dunn, Melvin Dunlap, and Marcus Miller.

Standard notation and TAB. 37 pages.

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