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Tab Appendix – Grooving With Hybrid Techniques

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Bass player, composer and educator Enrico Galetta offers a companion volume to his excellent book, Grooving with Hybrid Techniques.

This is a TAB Appendix, for those who prefer to see the exercises presented in both standard notation and TAB. All the exercises are numbered within chapters, to correspond perfectly with the primary book.

Grooving with Hybrid Techniques is an intelligent book that is suitable for beginner, advanced and all players that wish to go deeper with their bass skills. It focuses on Flamenco Slap, Double Thumb, Classical Slap, Muting Bass and the Hybrid Style. This TAB index makes the exercises even more accessible.


Written in standard notation and TAB. 66 pages.

Tab Appendix – Grooving With Hybrid Techniques available at

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