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Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020

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Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020

Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020

Bass Musician is a proud Media Sponsor of Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020

Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020 – Europe’s biggest guitar show comes to your home! 

 Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020, the first bilingual, interactive guitar community event, will take place from November 28 – 29, 2020.

The Guitar Summit team will host this event for everyone interested in guitars, basses, amps, effects and music. 


The Guitar Summit Web Camp will come directly to your home with a large virtual exhibition and infotainment program on virtual stages. There will be plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas with manufacturers, guitar builders, artists, the editors, and also with each other. 

Additionally, the Guitar Summit Web Camp is accompanied by a live web show, which turns passive spectators into active event participants with its interactive features. 

At the end of November the great gear discovery tour can begin!

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