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Latest BeatBuddy Collection Offers Hundreds Of New Rhythms

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Latest BeatBuddy Collection Offers Hundreds Of New Rhythms

Latest BeatBuddy Collection Offers Hundreds Of New Rhythms

BeatBuddy Collection…

The new BeatBuddy Collection offers additional content providing songwriters with hundreds of drum beats to inspire creativity

Designed by Singular Sound, BeatBuddy is a one of a kind drum machine offering a stomp-box pedal format. It’s a machine that’s made waves throughout the music industry since its inception in 2015. Recently, Singular Sound unveiled the Mellow Beats For Songwriters Collection as an add-on for the BeatBuddy. It features a massive collection of over 400 new beats to inspire the songwriting process for aspiring musicians. 

Owners of the BeatBuddy can pay a small price to download all of this content straight to their devices. Alternatively, Singular Sound has added it to the Complete Collection 2020, which includes every single beat the company has ever produced!

A wide variety of genres covered

In total, there are 414 unique beats in the Mellow Beats For Songwriters Collection. They are split into 138 BeatBuddy songs, with 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures available. One of the things that set BeatBuddy apart from other drum machines is the sheer diversity of beats on offer. This collection uses a Retro Custo drum kit, designed to mimic the sounds of the ’60s and ’80s. It provides an excellent backing beat with lighter notes to help songwriters find their creative touch. 

A plethora of genres is covered in this new downloadable package. There are pop beats, light rock, ballads, acoustic, blues, and even country & smooth jazz. It’s an eclectic mix that means any songwriter can find their inspiration from the lovely backing sounds. 

Mellow beats at medium velocity

Singular Sound understands that many users want a mellow backing track for their vocals. Other drum machines focus on the carnage and high-speed velocity that drums bring to the stage. With this new package, musicians benefit from some mellow beats that are played at medium velocity. They’re very relaxed and chilled, acting as an accompaniment to the song, rather than overpowering it. 

The result is a situation where singers and songwriters can play around with different beats to find one that suits their tastes. It’s a lot easier to write and sing a song when you have the backing drum beat nailed down. Ultimately, that’s the whole purpose of BeatBuddy and the Mellow Beats For Songwriters Collection; to inspire musicians to make better art. 

About Singular Sound

Singular Sound is a leading manufacturer of best-in-class pedals for performing and practising musicians. Founded in South Florida, the team has reinvigorated stagnant portions of the market, producing new products that change the ways musicians approach their work. The company focuses on creative new ideas in sectors such as drum machines, looper pedals, and MIDI foot controllers. Singular Sound wants to provide artists with more efficient ways to practice, or new ways to amplify their presence at gigs. They’re always keen to continue adding to existing product offerings, giving customers the chance to upgrade what they’ve already bought. 

For more information, visit the website here:  

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