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Setup Your Bass with the MusicNomad Setup Starter Kit

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Setup Your Bass with the MusicNomad Setup Starter Kit

Setup Your Bass with the MusicNomad Setup Starter Kit

The MusicNomad Setup Starter Kit empowers everybody to setup their Bass…

Not only is it fun, but a properly setup bass or guitar takes your playing and sound to a whole new level. In collaboration with Master Guitar Tech Geoff Luttrell, Music Nomad has developed the KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™. They demystified the process by developing innovative, precision gauges and tools combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow and setup their guitar to play and sound great.

With their KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™ method and their gauges you can check the vital areas of your guitar and use their tools to perform your own setup. The Starter Kit bundle includes gauges that work for all Electric, Acoustic, Classical and Bass Guitars. The 2 tool sets will adjust most Guitars and Basses. 

“We asked 500 guitar and bass players, and 50% said they can’t or don’t setup their guitars, but 97% wanted to learn if it was simplified,” says Rand Rognlien, CEO of Music Nomad. “40% of them owned 10 or more guitars, so we saw a real need to help our guitar community,” says Rognlien

Whether you have an Electric, Acoustic, Classical, or Bass Guitar, they give you the exact spec you need by instrument type, including instructions printed right on the product taking the guesswork out of each task. The 6 pc. Set includes a: Truss Rod Gauge, Pick Capo, String Action Gauge, 2 Radius Gauges, & Nut Height Gauge. They even include a 24 page instructional booklet & a nice carrying case. They are launching the Music Nomad Setup Hub on their website where you can watch How-To Setup videos by task or guitar brand, take free online zoom classes, and download the instructional booklet. “A ton of thought went into every detail of the product design and setup process to help the guitarist,” adds Rognlien. 

After using the Precision Gauges to measure, use the two Guitar Tech Tool Kits to make your adjustments. The 11 pc. Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set, includes the most common truss rod wrenches needed to make the critical adjustments to your neck relief. The 26 pc. Guitar Tech Tool Set gives you all the key wrenches and screwdriver bits to make the most common adjustments to your string action height, string radius, intonation and pickup height.  Both come in compact, strong aluminum cases. 

Music Nomad KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™ Starter Kit Bundle (MN609)- $149.99 USD (Available November 2020)

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