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New Gear: Aguilar DCB P and J Pickups

New Gear- Aguilar DCB P and J Pickups

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New Gear: Aguilar DCB P and J Pickups

New Gear: Aguilar DCB P and J Pickups

Aguilar introduces the all-new DCB P and J pickups!

Using their dual ceramic bar design, the Aguilar DCB 4P, 4J, 5J and 4PJ introduce a new and unique voice for Jazz and Precision style basses. These passive, hum-canceling pickups are engineered to deliver higher output versus traditional passive pickups – and without any shift in frequency response common with overwound or active pickup designs.

Characterized by their full-bodied tone, rich sustain, and smooth dynamic response, these pickups are a great choice for any bassist looking for a new dimension in sound.

The Aguilar DCB 4P, 4PJ, and 4J will begin shipping in February 2021 and the DCB 5J will begin shipping in March 2021. They are available now for preorder through your Aguilar dealer.

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