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Low Stock Alert on the Positive Grid Spark Amp

Gear News

Gear News: Low Stock Alert on the Positive Grid Spark Amp

Gear News: Low Stock Alert on the Positive Grid Spark Amp

Almost 200,000 guitarists and bass players have come on board with the Positive Grid Spark Amp, stock is running low. Get yours while you can!

With close to 200,000 players worldwide, Spark quickly became a leader in the desktop guitar amp category, but because it’s so in-demand, Positive Grid is reporting inventory shortages. Now is an opportune time to get your hands on Spark because as the stock goes down, shipping times get longer, and the sooner you order, the sooner you’ll be jamming with your Spark.

So why the popularity of practice amps like Spark?

With COVID-19 global quarantines, people had newly found free time for more strumming, jamming, practicing, and learning. As a result, manufacturers and retailers couldn’t stock enough guitar gear. 

Video: Bass Players and the Spark Amp, With Rudy Sarzo

And one of the pandemic’s other challenges has recently grown as you’ve seen in recent headlines — global microchip/component shortages (in addition to other existing global challenges such as warehouse closures and shipping complications). 

However, Positive Grid is still managing to deliver Spark amps, along with some great deals to be had. So if you have thoughts of plugging into a Spark of your own, now’s the time. With inventory beginning to dwindle and a great deal to be snatched up, take advantage of the short wait times while you can! 

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