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Bass Extremes – Steve Bailey And Victor Wooten

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Bass Extremes – Steve Bailey And Victor Wooten

Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten have put together this incredible showcase. These recordings emphasize the tremendous, often unrealized, potential of the bass as both a lead and accompanying instrument.

On the recording, Steve and Victor demonstrate how the bass can supply bass lines, piano and guitar type comping chords, lead solos and percussion, in styles ranging from Bebop to New Age to Heavy Metal © all without overdubs. Each piece highlights different aspects of their amazing techniques; like Steve’s three-finger technique and his awe-inspiring command of harmonics and chord voicings; or Victor’s incredible funk groove, thumb and two-handed tapping techniques.

Written in standard notation and TAB. Includes audio CD. 136 pages.

Bass Extremes – Steve Bailey And Victor Wooten available at

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