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SVT Suite - The First Ampeg Plugin

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SVT Suite – The First Ampeg Plugin

SVT Suite – The First Ampeg Plugin

The First Ampeg Plugin, SVT Suite…

When the Ampeg® SVT® bass amplifier debuted in 1969, the world had never seen or heard anything like it before. The 300-watt powerhouse with two massive cabinets containing eight ten-inch speakers each could easily hold its own alongside towering guitar amp stacks, and the sound it produced redefined rock bass tone. The upcoming SVT Suite bass amplification plugin brings that same legendary SVT tone to your DAW—and the plugin’s photorealistic interface makes using it a familiar experience.
The SVT Suite plugin features three of the most coveted SVT amp heads of all time, eight classic Ampeg speaker cabs, five essential Ampeg bass effects, a selection of studio microphones, and lots of other cool things that we’ll tell you about shortly.

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