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Music Nomad Releases New Nut Files

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Music Nomad Releases New Nut Files

Music Nomad Releases New Nut Files

Music Nomad Nut Files…

Music Nomad Equipment Care patent-pending Nut Files feature a revolutionary diamond coating & round “string-shape” blade design resulting in smooth, precision cuts.

“In our research, we found two issues with existing files. They were either inexpensive and poor quality or expensive and good quality with some limitations. So, we decided to make a file that was the best quality but below the price of existing expensive files in the marketplace” says Rand Rognlien product designer and CEO of Music Nomad. “It took two years of research and development but we believe this is a real game-changer for Nut Files”, says Rognlien.

They cut & polish slots at the same time & do not drift like common toothed files. The industrial, even diamond coating, cuts & polishes all the most common nut materials such as nylon, bone, graphite & TUSQ. They even work amazing on saddles. We added an ergonomic handle for total comfort & control of your cut, or you can remove the blade from the handle as an alternative cutting option. This custom set comes with 5 Nut File sizes for Bass Guitar. We even include a compact, strong aluminum case.

5 pc. Bass Guitar Set with Aluminum Storage Case $79.99 -$89.99

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