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New Gear: Vidami Blue Bluetooth Pedal

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New Gear: Vidami Blue Bluetooth Pedal

New Gear: Vidami Blue Bluetooth Pedal

Vidami Debuts New Vidami Blue Bluetooth Pedal Helping Bassists Learn Online, Control DAW Software…

Vidami — maker of the Vidami hands-free video looper, a Youtube and online video controller which helps players learn more quickly by keeping their hands on the instrument and off the mouse — has announced the brand new Vidami Blue, a multi-mode controller that frees musicians to learn, perform and create without limits.

Featuring a wireless Bluetooth connection, Vidami Blue works with desktop/laptop/Chromebook computers, iPads, and iPhones. Like its predecessor, the Vidami Blue manages the video controls of YouTube as well as more than 35 other leading online learning websites — making learning to play a breeze by allowing players to keep their hands on their instruments and off the mouse.

The power behind the Vidami Blue is in its simple, but powerful, multi-mode design: three distinct control modes which offer users even more hands-free control. In addition to the aforementioned Online Video Control Mode, Vidami Blue also features a DAW Control Mode which is compatible with most major digital audio workstations on macOS or Windows and allows users to record, add new tracks, jump forward and back, add a metronome and more, all hands-free.

Vidami Blue’s third mode handles page-turning and TAB scrolling for those using apps such as Onsong, forScore, Ultimate Guitar, and Songster. This mode is not only helpful for learning songs, but also a valuable tool for live performers to change playlists, lyric sheets or sheet music on their iPad handsfree. 

 “We are incredibly excited to release the Vidami Blue,” said Wayne Jones, co-founder of Vidami. “As professional musicians and designers, our goal at Vidami has remained constant: to build intuitive and inspiring tools that meet musicians where they’re already learning, performing and creating. And with the Vidami Blue, we have realized a vision of the ideal practice/performing/recording tool that we’ve always wanted to use ourselves. Now, you can learn a new song on Monday through YouTube, record original tracks in your favorite DAW on Wednesday, then read electronic charts on your iPad at a gig on the weekend, all with a single wireless device.”

Like Vidami, Vidami Blue features five clearly labeled switches letting players control loop and speed, play/pause, rewind and fast-forward functions. Holding the play switch down clears all previously selected functions while holding the “rewind switch down moves playback to the beginning of the video. The pedal integrates with the user’s computer or mobile device via a browser extension.

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