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New Album: Nick Latham, NL1

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New Album: Nick Latham, NL1

New Album: Nick Latham, NL1

Blackpool-born virtuoso bassist Nick Latham returns with his debut full-length album, NL1.

Entirely self-produced in his small home setup and with a budget of zero, NL1 is the long-awaited follow-up to the 2012 EP Can’t Sleep In Silence – set for release on March 25th.

Combining a love of 90s video game soundtracks and contemporary influences, NL1 will hit you right in the nostalgia with old-school synths and drum machines while still featuring fresh and addictive melodies you’ll be humming for days.

“I had the best time writing and recording these tunes. Ferreting away programming the drum grooves and dialing in all the exact synth sounds I wanted was a lot of fun, and learning to mix along the way was challenging and fulfilling… but my favourite part of the process is really taking the time to listen and work out which role I feel my bass should take at any given point”, he explains. “Sometimes I want to play the melody, sometimes a rhythmic chord part, sometimes a bass line in the traditional sense or a bit of a mixture of everything. The bass guitar is a lot more versatile than people often think so I hope I can help shift their perception”.

It’s not all fun and games; NL1 also features one track in particular that came to fruition during a difficult time. “Grief is a song I began writing the same week I lost my dad. We were very close, so when he passed away I was feeling lost, lonely…”, he reveals. “It may sound cliché but I found real comfort in making music. The melody on the fretless at the beginning of the track manifested itself, I think, as a way to help me deal with my sadness. As the song developed and grew, I really felt like I was letting a lot of that sadness go”.

Nick, 33, began playing the bass aged 12 and was instantly hooked. Early influences of Jamiroquai, Alien Ant Farm, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse inspired the opinion that the bass can be much more than the commonly overlooked rumble coming from the back of the stage. Over the years, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, and most recently Thundercat have inspired Nick to continue down a melodic path. Nick has been a session bass player for many bands and artists, some of the most notable being atmospheric pop band LOWES, blues/country rock legend Warner E. Hodges of Jason and The Scorchers, and pop singer-songwriter Molly., with whom he is also a long-time writing partner and co-producer.

NL1 is a pure representation of all Nick’s influences; an honest expression of himself as an artist. “After having a shortlist of about 20 potential album names I started to feel more and more strongly that it should actually be self-titled because, besides mastering, it’s been my first completely DIY project. It feels pretty great to have produced exactly what I was hearing in my head and I cannot wait for other people to hear it too”.

On March 25th, get ready to press start on your favourite instrumental album of the year, NL1.

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