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Bruno Tauzin

Bruno Tauzin

French bassist born in 1981, Bruno Tauzin is also a composer, percussionist, guitarist and pianist. He began studying the organ when he was 10 then turned to music more electric at the age of 15 starting bass and guitar. First musical revelation, Jaco Pastorius and his eponymous album. A long period of intensive work will begin. Second revelation, Johann Sebastian Bach. It is thanks to this great composer Bruno began studying harmony, counterpoint and partitions of the great masters of style. He played in several bands of various styles but got specialized over the years in the acoustic bass. He developped a melodic style, harmonic result of research, chords and percussive techniques to play solo. More than acoustic bass, he spends the most of his time teaching it. He wrote a method on chords "Etude progressive des accords," available soon in English, and a transcript of the first two Cello Suites of Bach. Bruno is also the author of one of the largest educational site about bass in France, As Bruno never stops learning, he discovered a passion for Indian music. So he studied kanjira, small percussion-skinned lizard. Bruno gives lessons and is now preparing his first album of acoustic bass solo. Visit Online:

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