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Nicole Callis

Nicole Callis

Nicole is a music photographer based in Ohio. Her music preference is eclectic, ranging from The Grass Roots to Ramstein, with much in between. So long as it is not country or top 40 (very few exceptions). If it has a prominent bass line and lyrics that resonate with her on some level, she will probably like it. Nicole got into photography as a fluke back in her high school days, while trying to fluff up class schedules with time filler electives. To her surprise she ended up liking it, and it stuck. For over 12 years she has been a hobbyist photographer. For the last five years, she has been doing weddings & portraits professionally. Until this year, at a concert she went to back home in the D.C area, with her Dad, she had never even known about the world of music & concert photography existed. At that show (Foo Fighters) she realized that concert and music photography was a thing, and returned to home on a mission to pursue it. Along the way, figuring this new world out, Nicole also found she likes to do write-up's about some the shows she photographs. Concerts are more than people that know how to put on a good show. There is so much that goes into them, even the most impromptu of gigs, and Nicole loves to capture those split second, moments of vulnerability, where you can see the real person shining through, despite it all. Visit online at
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