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Vibrawood Custom Instruments


Vibrawood Custom guitars and basses, hand crafted in USA.

VibraWood Custom instruments are designed, engineered and manufactured by John J. Slog and the talented Guitar Villa techs.  All custom instruments are discounted and distributed direct - exclusively at Guitar Villa.

John had many years experience owning and repairing high end and vintage basses, wrote monthly columns for Bass Player Magazing as well as Vintage Guitar Magazine and has been playing bass for decades.  Click here for his Bio at

John's business, Guitar Villa, represented, serviced and sold over 18 high-end bass and guitar lines over the 23 years in business, and this line of instruments was born to fill a need and void in the market.

We love all species of wood and take pride in selecting the best type and quality for any custom build result we are working toward.   The quality starts with every tree, plank or board we select, purchase and process.  We have procured amazing trees bearing beautiful and resonant hardwoods and the tone achieved is both attractive to the eye as well as the ears.

These instruments resonate in a big way and are loud acoustically, before ever plugging them in.   We believe that's the way to tell the difference between a multi-laminate cutting board and a real resonant instrument!

Each and every completed custom instrument build has a voice and character of it’s own.   Because of the tone wood selection process we engage in, these instruments are both light weight and highly resonant.

The real surprise to this high quality line of Custom Shop instruments is the affordability.  This series of custom made classics start at just $1400. and many options are offered for our customers to choose from.   Each and every custom build starts life as a dream, is translated onto a build sheet and the wood and hardware choices are listed as line items waiting to come together as a resonant custom instrument.

We invite you to stop by our showroom to see, feel, play and hear our custom crafted guitars and basses.   We are proud of our workmanship and would love to create your dream in wood, for you.

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