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Essential Sound, The New Standard In High Performance Audio Power Cords – Affordable Yet High Quality…

That cheap, thin-gauge power cord that came with your audio component is literally choking your sound causing problems you probably think are in the signal: Compressed Dynamic Range, Thin, One-Dimensional Tone, Attenuated Bass Response, Hiss, Buzz and Noisy Backgrounds… You’ve been living with compromised sound for so long, unaware that your tone could be significantly better without changing the component – until now.

Welcome To The Next Level Of TONE!
Finally, an essential accessory has received long overdue attention. Introducing the first truly innovative a/c power cords specifically designed to enhance audio/video performance, from the live event, through mastering, pre- and post-production, and playback.

Increased Dynamics, Volume & Headroom
Your amplifier will be capable of playing louder yet sound effortless!

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