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The Wimbash Music Festival


For over 14 years, Grammy nominee, and visionary Doug Wimbish bestowed the passion, culture, integrity, and soul of music to thousands of students in need through the WimBash Music Festival Series.

Bass Musician Magazine is a Proud Media Sponsor of This Event

“It only takes a moment to give that spark to a kid” is a driving line of the festival.

Bassist Doug Wimbish of the Grammy Award Winning Band Living Colour is the festival’s namesake and motivating force behind that line and the development of the festival itself.

“We couldn’t do this without the help and support of a number of people, including former West Haven Mayor Edward O’Brien who has been instrumental in driving support for our festival and  developing community in this area,” stated Mr. Wimbish.


To learn more about The WIMBASH MUSIC FESTIVAL NEW HAVEN, or to donate, please visit:


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