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GHS Strings

GHS Strings, Off the Deep End… Whether touring the world, the nation, the local club scene or even just practicing in the bedroom, GHS Strings has been helping bass players hold down the low end [...]

MJC Ironworks

MJC Ironworks… So you are probably asking what makes our strings better, and not just the same old stuff in a different package. Most companies have their own “secret formula” trick bag. Depending on the [...]

S.I.T. Strings

S.I.T. (Stay In Tune) Strings, is more than just an accessory of little importance, but rather an integral part of a musician’s sound and voice. We believe that great tone starts with great strings. S.I.T. [...]

Elixir Strings

Elixir® Stainless Steel Bass Strings with a NANOWEB Coating provide a bright stainless tone with deep lows. Working closely with the global bass community, we asked 4000+ players what they needed from a bass string, and recruited [...]
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