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Marco Panzarella, Online Interactive Bass Lessons


Interested in Learning Bass or Improving Your Skills with Online Bass Lessons?

Don't go it alone... My name is Marco Panzarella and I have been a Bass Tutor for the past 11 years, having taught well over 1000 students of all ages.

Areas of bass expertise include:

Rock, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Solo and More

“Marco showed me how to apply theory so I always had a range of vocabulary on different chord types; his teaching is now the basis of all fills in my playing. He doesn’t waste time teaching whole songs but instead shows concepts to be applied for many.” - Indigo

"I can thoroughly recommend to improve skills thru Marco's course. Affordable and exiting." - Filippo Rizzo

I can help bass players of all levels learn:

  • Fretboard Skills
  • Time & Rhythm Studies
  • Groove & Fills
  • Applied Harmony
  • Styles & Repertoire

Convenient hours and scheduling.

CLICK HERE to Book Online


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