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Review CD’s and Share Your Music With the World!

Bass Musician Magazine Worldwide Bass Reviews, Share Your Music With the World!

We at Bass Musician Magazine want to thank everyone that has sent his or her CD to us for review. We are very aware of the time, effort and expense involved to bring your labor of love to the entire world. And because of this you have our word that every piece of creative work is reviewed by the editorial staff in its’ entirety.

Unfortunately, we are receiving so much music that we can’t possibly do it justice in our review process. With this in mind we have decided to recruit the help of you, our readers! And starting with this issue, we are introducing a brand new section called, Bass Musician Magazine Worldwide Bass Reviews.

How Will It Work?

We are very excited about this whole program as it will help musicians not only get their work out to the world but will help them benefit from sales as well as increased awareness as they receive constructive feedback from the Bass Musician community!

In each issue of Bass Musician Magazine, we will publish a list of promising CD’s for review. If you are unfamiliar with the music, visit iTunes to listen to samples (and as always, you can purchase the tracks you like or the whole CD thus supporting the artist). Next you can submit your review(s) via the Bass Musician Magazine Worldwide Bass Reviews Blog.

Here is our first group of CD’s to be reviewed:

“Falling Awake” by Jeff Dodd
“Aram Bedrosian” by Aram Bedrosian
“Groovespeak” by the Jason Raso Trio
“Low” by Daniel Diaz
“Beautiful News” by Matt Redman
“Playroom” by Ed Spargo
“Wherever we go” by EMP Project
“Decade 1996-2005” By Joseph Patrick Moore
“I’m Not Sentimental” by Rob Kendt
“Go There” by Scott Sawyer

Again, if you are unfamiliar with the CD’s, please visit iTunes.

So there you have it! Please check them out and join us in reviewing and supporting the Bass Musician Community!

How to Submit Your CD for Review
We are open to reviewing any genre of music you care to send. Please continue to submit your CD’s by following the instructions on the “submit” link on the magazine!

Don’t Have Your CD on iTunes Yet?
That is easy (and affordable) to do through our friends at Tunecore. Click here to find out more.

Bass Musician Magazine Worldwide Bass Reviews, Share Your Music With the World!

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