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Since 2007, Bass Musician Magazine has been a free online bass magazine and social media outreach offering readers a way to get their daily bass fix on the go.

Editor, Raul Amador

Born in Boulder, CO, Raul began playing guitar at a young age. In the 70’s, his father took a teaching position in Puerto Rico, where Raul joined the Tuna de Cayey, playing cuatro and guitar. During his 9 years as a member of this traditional Spanish group, together since 1964, he recorded over 11 albums and toured all over Puerto Rico as well as New York and the Dominican Republic. Raul picked up his first bass in 2001 and never looked back. Today, he is hitting the music scene as Executive Editor with Bass Musician Magazine, connecting with players worldwide.

Ty Campbell

In Nashville since 1997, Ty has worked not only with local bands, but also at the Ernest Tubb Theatre with Marty Stuart, Mel Tillis, Stonewall Jackson, JoAnne Cash (sister of Johnny), Reggie LaFaye, among many others while doing audio feeds for WSM and performing with some of the artists as well.

Valery Amador

Valery serves as Bass Musician Magazine's Publisher and News Editor, and is the Co-founder of, an online publishing company.

Damian Erskine

Damian hones his chops with some of the best jazz and latin musicians the West coast has to offer.  

Jaime Vazquez

Jaime David Vazquez was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and is a multi-instrumentalist, clinician, composer, arranger, transcriber, studio musician, music educator, freelance and solo artist.

Jake Kot

Jake has performed on 100 of CD's and has written, arranged, and produced two solo CD's featuring such world class players as Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthall and Dave Derge.

Jonathan Moody

By day, Jon's the Assistant Manager of Social Media and Marketing at GHS Strings. By night, he is the first call bassist in SW Michigan for theatre productions, doubling on electric and upright basses, as well as ukulele.


Momo is a multi-platform artist specializing in music creation & production, not only as a bass player (38 years) but a multi-instrumentalist and awarded songwriter.

Alberto Rigoni

Alberto is an Italian bass player and composer.

Dr. Randall Kertz

Randall Kertz is a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator, author, and bass player in private practice in suburban Chicago, IL.

Jake Wolf

Based in Asheville, NC, Jake Wolf plays and records with a number of local and regional artists, and has been reviewing gear for Bass Musician Magazine since 2009.

Kilian Duarte

Kilian Duarte is a professional bassist and graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He is the bassist for international touring progressive rock acts Felix Martin, Scale The Summit and many others.

Andrea Fascetti

Andrea is an Italian virtuoso 7-string bass player, double bass player and a fine composer.

Steve Rosati

Steve has been known to play the bass, a lot, and sometimes does other stuff too... sometimes.

B.A. Johnson

An in-demand session bassist and producer.

Rick Suchow

Rick Suchow has been an in-demand bassist on the live New York music scene for more than three decades, logging nearly 4000 gigs in a career that has taken him from Lincoln Center to the White House.

Steve Gregory

Steve is an in-demand bassist, producer, music director, and instructor living in Virginia. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

Mark Marxon

Mark has completed a bachelor of music at Newcastle University. He endorses FENDER basses and VINCI strings.

Igor Saavedra

Picking up the bass at 22, Igor started an impressive and completely autodidact and self-taught learning style.

A. Farmakalidis

Andreas Farmakalidis is a freelance acoustic & electric bass player based in CA.

David Enos

Music Mechanics shares 40 years of professional experience to bring you the nuts and bolts of music theory and improvisation, highlighted by interviews with industry experts.

Eric Parsons

Eric's passion for music has kept him active in the studio and on stage, all the while balancing his creative pursuits with his fantastic family life and a career in Forensic Science. 

Lucas Pickford

My debut CD with Steve Hunt called "Blown Fuse" has become a "post-fusion classic" of sorts and has recieved some great reviews from some really special musicians.

David C Gross

David C. Gross has been the bassist for a lot of folks. He has written 14 bass books, 3 instructional videos, and hosts “The Notes From An Artist Radio Show”. Visit online at

Josh Needleman

Josh wrote the unique bass instruction book manual, "Getting Around The Bass", a staple text book of his own students and many others.

Allee Futterer

Allee Futterer is a bassist from LA and graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

Martin Simpson

R.I.P. Martin Simpson.

John Kuhlman

John Kuhlman has had a diverse writing career covering everything from nuclear waste to famous fried chicken from Kentucky. A lifelong music devotee, he is trying to accomplish that same diversity with the bass.

Joshua Barnhart

Josh received a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He lives in Southern California and has established himself as a world-class bassist and composer.

Vuyani Wakaba

Vuyani is a South African bassist that is based in Chicago. He is the founder of the Chicago jazz band Vuyani Wakaba & Friends.


Freekbass is the bass player and vocalist, who hails from Cincinnati, OH. Known for his energetic live show and ignited low-end, Freekbass brings danceable tunes with hints of Prince, David Bowie, Talking Heads, and Parliament Funkadelic. He’s a staple on the festival and touring circuit, performing live with his group, “The Bump Assembly”.


Willis became a Barcelona, Spain resident and spends part of his time as a professor of composition, arranging, improvisation and bass at Barcelona's prestigious Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya conservatory.

Donald Waugh

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica Donald is the owner and founder of Airplai® Productions, offering album production, song writing, composing/arranging, video editing, film scoring, and jingles.

Jimi Durso

Jimi is a bassist and guitarist in the New York area.


Rajoe is a YouTube bassist from a little country called Hungary.

Holly Franklin

Holly is a musician, blogger, and music lover who loves to teach others about essential music theory, techniques and motivation and to help them improve as a musician and as an individual. Visit online at

James Rosocha

Bassist James Rosocha is an educator, composer, and touring musician. He can be heard on the last nine albums by jazz fusion guitarist B.D. Lenz or on his debut CD “Avalon.”

Kevin Guin

Kevin studied piano and trombone in New York as a boy and began playing bass guitar as a teenager. In 1992 he began studies in jazz expression with David Bloom at the Bloom School Of Jazz in Chicago where he eventually taught classes for 17 years. He currently plays with Chicago Soul Revue and does various casual gigs in the Chicago area.

Ray Riendeau

Ray is the owner of and has been at the forefront of the bass scene for many years. Countless recordings, live gigs and clinics keep Ray in high demand.

Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher is a bassist, educator and writer, living in the UK. He once appeared in a film with Doctor Who.

Brad Houser

Brad Houser is a founding member of Critters Buggin and New Bohemians (with Edie Brickell).

Doug Johns

Doug’s raw presence, energy, and all-around crowd-wowing prowess can be heard on numerous recordings and stages.

Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti has emerged as one of the cutting edge bassists and composers in the world of instrumental jazz and rock.

Mark von Bergen

Mark von Bergen plays upright bass, bass guitar and Theramin with the jazz groove band, The Rhythm Dogs. 

Tim Seisser

Tim moved to Chicago in 2004 and began his career as a full time musician.

Phil Baker

Phil's mastery of both the acoustic and electric bass as well as his talents as a composer and producer have made him one of the most successful and sought-after musicians on the West Coast.


Self-taught bass guitarist - Spector basses exclusively!

David Dyson

David is a Berklee College of Music and is able to absorb an array of musical flavors as well as perform in diverse musical situations.

Jason Heath

Jason Heath is the host of, a podcast devoted to exploring music and ideas associated with the double bass. His blog and podcast are highly regarded in the music world and have been featured as top offerings in the world of arts and culture for the past decade.

Rhayn Jooste

Rhayn is a musician whose interest lies in musical spontaneity and improvisation.

Vaughn Skow

Vaughn Skow is a Nashville music guy, wearing the hats of producer, engineer, studio owner, college professor, writer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. Vaughn has all kinds of cute statuettes and plaques to brag about ... but he tries not to do that too much. Vaughn also manufactures the pickups and amplifiers that bear his name.

Alex Wilkerson

Alex is a graduate from Hollywood's Musicians Institute and plays both electric and upright bass. 

Alexx Calise

Alexx Calise is an accomplished singer, guitarist and songwriter. Perhaps best known for her hit song, "Cry", which became a staple on the show "Dance Moms" and boasts millions of hits on Youtube, Calise's raw emotion, heart-and soul-lyrics and unmistakable vibrato have impacted thousands of young girls all over the world. @alexxcalise

Bill Harrison

Bill is a graduate of DePaul University and is a performer, teacher and clinician.

Carl Dawkins

In his short time in the Industry, Carl has developed himself into one of the country's most exciting and all rounded musicians.

Cláudio Ribeiro

Cláudio Ribeiro is a bass player, writer, and educator located in Portugal.

Rob Collier

Rob Collier teaches courses in music theory and popular music at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He maintains a busy schedule playing bass in rock and alt-country bands.

Tim Risser

Tim has played bass for over twenty years and had toured and recorded with hard rock band Anthrophobia.

Al Caldwell

Al is a Clinician, Performer, Engineer, Producer, Musician, Hillbilly and Cultural Nomad.

Kevin Freeby

Kevin is a professional bassist living in Southern California.

Paul DeStefano

Paul is currently a student at Seton Hall University studying audio engineering and sound production and also plays in a heavy metal band called Levitated (FB @LevitatedBand). Paul first picked up the bass at the age of 12 and is still an active player, covering styles from classical to metal and everything in between.

Yves Carbonne

As a pioneer in electric bass development, in 2002 Carbonne started tuning his bass to one octave below standard, and called this new instrument "sub-bass". 

Alain Caron

Canadian bassist Alain Caron's musical career began at the early age of 11 and he soon discovered the music which would become his life's passion - jazz.

Alex Lofoco

Alex Lofoco is a native Itailan musician based in the UK. He works as a session player for many bands in live, studio and in theatre.

Darren Frate

Frate, who majored in film scoring at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, specializes in electric bass, music theory and ensembles.

Dennis Moody

Having participated on well over 1,000 albums, Dennis Moody has established himself at the top of his field.

Todd Johnson

Todd is recognized as a pioneer of the six-string bass.

Brad Russell

Russell taps, slaps and shreds his four-string bass, sounding more like a six string guitar.

Chris Pizzolo

Owner of Immediate Family Records and Immediate Family Marketing in New York City, Chris is also a bass player who came up in the underground rock and punk scene in New York.

Franz Vitulli

Franz is a bass player, music teacher, and digital marketing, social media and all other 2.0 thingies expert.

Joe Darcy is a web site that features video documentaries of some of the worlds most respected and renowned musicians.

Justin Emord

Justin Emord is the bassist for the rock band Love and a .38. In their short existence they have been tirelessly D.I.Y. in all aspects of their career.

Marco Ignacio Toba

Marco Ignacio is a bass player and producer from Argentina.

Michael Lazarus

Born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Michael is a North California based music professional with recording, touring and teaching experience who specializes in Caribbean music.

Paul McBride

Paul brings a unique approach to the bass playing world with his own unique sound and style. Predominantly self-taught, you can hear the passionate identity within his playing throughout any musical endeavor.

Anna Achimowicz

Anna is a Rockstar Physiotherapist, owner of holistic practice Performing Arts Medicine CMT, NCMT therapist, GYROKINESIS trainer, educator and bassist. Professional performing artist since 1996, choreographer, physical dancer and trainer. Artistic director of freelance Rock Dance Theatre rock and metal hybrid Rebel Crush collaborating internationally. A poli-ameri-Swedish coffeeholic. Specializes in chronic pain, injury management and prevention in music, dance and sports injuries fit for the XXIInd century artist especially debunking medical myths. VISIT:

Chance Walte

Chance is the owner of Fearless Guitars in Portland, OR.

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart is a bassist, clinician and author, currently residing in New York City. His playing, teaching and writing focus on various styles of world music, predominately from Latin America. Visit online at

Marco Passarelli

Marco thinks about music, writes about music and sometimes even plays music. One of the most bass-savvy guitar players around, Marco also loves fine cigars and 70's muscle cars.

Mark Wright

Mark Wright is the manager and designer of AccuGroove Speaker Cabinets & Amps.

Maureen Pandos

Maureen Pandos is a luthier in Portland, Oregon where she owns and operates MDP Bass Works: A violin shop specializing in the Double Bass.

Mikel Combs

Mikel is a versatile acoustic and electric bassist currently living and working in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. 

Mike Pope

Pope has become a fixture on the New York jazz scene.

Simon Zauels

At the age of 6 years he began playing the Cello; he put the Cello aside and picked up the electric Bass.

Bentura Madrid

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico Bentura is a self taught musician. He is also a professional ballroom dancer by day and runs his YouTube channel @digitalbirdabq1 on his spare time.

Bill Dickens

One of the top session bassist in the world, Bill can be heard on numerous recordings as well as seen live on tour with many legendary artists.

Bob Considine

Bob Considine began playing bass in high school and then went to one of the greatest jazz colleges in the study journalism.

Chris Metaxas

Chris comes from Roslyn, NY and spends his working days in the digital marketing and Identity management business. You can catch him having fun playing with his band RockSteady.  

Harvey Citron

A guitarist, bandleader, and former architect, Harvey Citron has been building guitars, basses, and pickups since 1974.

Ivan Carranza

Ivan is a freelance musician born in Lima, Peru. He is also the bass player and composer for the Reggae band “Blazin’ Vibez”.

Keith Collins

Collins practices the art of music in his ten-piece Salsa band, a Steely Dan cover band, jazz gospel and charity gigs in Vancouver, WA, USA.  Collins and his wife Cindy keep live music going hosting rehearsals and parties in "the nightclub" in their home.

Manuel Pino

Currently working on several projects in London and Milan, Manuel Pino is a italian-venezuelan bass player with over ten years of live and studio experience.

Oteil Burbridge

The world knows Oteil Burbridge as the Allman Bros.' bassist and as a founding member of The Aquarium Rescue Unit.

PW Farrell

PW is a solo artist, session musician, producer/composer and teacher. He is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the Victorian College of the Arts.

Silas Maitland

Silas Maitland (AKA Futuregoat) is a session bassist and educator from London England. He has played with and recorded for a vast range of artists from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) to Ed Sheeran. He taught bass guitar at the Musicians Institute, LMS, BIMM. He is currently head of bass at LCCM London.

Steve Adelson

Steve is one of the premier Chapman Stick players in the world.

Vail Johnson

Vail Johnson is a solo artist and bassist most well know for his work with Kenny G since 1986.

Ahmad Hani

Having Turkish-Egyptian family roots and raised in Dubai, Ahmad has traveled the world performing more than 5000 concerts, TV shows and workshops in 30 countries. He currently lives between Turkey and the U.K.

Ariane Cap

Austrian Ariane Cap is a multi instrumentalist, educator, author, writer and composer. Visit online at and

Bill Bartolini

Bill was the owner of Bartolini Pickups and Electronics.

Latest from Bill Bartolini

Cole Davis

Cole Davis is a rising star in the upright bass world. In 2017, he won the Ron Carter Bass Competition at only 20 years old. In 2018, he was named a “Future Jazz Master” by the National Endowment of the Arts. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Manhattan School of Music in 2019, Cole was awarded the rare honor of being accepted to the Juilliard Artist Diploma and Graduate Degree Program concurrently and is a busy sideman in New York City and abroad.

Curt Miller

Life has afforded me opportunities to do lots of different things. That for which I am most grateful is being a storyteller.

Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a professional bass player from the San Francisco Bay Area now based in Las Vegas where he performs in the Cirque du Soleil show KA.

Don Campbell

Don Campbell is a Northwest blues musician, songwriter, producer and complete knucklehead.

Ed Lucie

Ed is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music.

Freddy Villano

Freddy is a freelance journalist and professional bassist who has played with Quiet Riot, Widowmaker, Outliers and others. He's currently promoting his own band American Mafia:

George Gekas

Hailing from New Orleans, George Gekas lays down the groove for The Revivalists, a very active seven-piece band.

Ivor Levene

A bass player who loves to play the Blues, he likes to listen to, play, read about, write about, talk about, and photograph music. His words have appeared in Relix, Goldmine, The Los Angeles Beat and many other outlets.

Latest from Ivor Levene

Jayme Lewis

Jayme has been working for years as a sideman, an artist and a small business-owner residing in Northern LA. He is a national touring bassist and studio musician, a record producer, author and music educator.

Joe Fazio

Joe is a New Jersey bass player, performer, writer and clinician.

Jon von Boehm

Jon von Boehm is a bass player from Nashville TN. He maintains a busy schedule working with artists both locally and abroad. You can also hear him on his own albums that he has produced as a leader.

Latest from Jon von Boehm

Keiko Gutierrez

Keiko left a successful corporate IT career to focus on her passion for music. She is the Bass player for the Toronto band and has a radio show called "Out of the Bassment".

Kenn Smith

As a recording artist, his music and impeccable technique are consistently described as a "soulful, organic experience".

Latest from Kenn Smith

Kenny Butcher

Kenny is a musician, blogger and grace case from Ontairo, Canada!

Kevin Smith

Kevin is the owner of, the Bass community's ultimate online resource for books, music and more.

Laura Greenberg

Laura is a bassist from Ottawa, Canada and plays for internationally touring blues act JW-Jones.

Marcos Alto

Marcos Alto is a bass player, Producer and Journalist living in Spain.

Latest from Marcos Alto

Michael Manring

Hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist, Michael Manring has been pushing back the boundaries of what is possible on bass.

Latest from Michael Manring

Reggie Washington

Reggie has recorded 4 albums under his name since 2005 on Jammin’colorS label.

Ric Fierabracci

Ric has performed, recorded and run the gamut for artists like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl and Euge Groove and has composed music for numerous film and television projects.

S. Leigha-Shiff

Samantha Leigha-Shiff is a South Florida based reporter and photographer who specializes in music industry projects.

Latest from S. Leigha-Shiff

Selina Metoxen

Former A&R Rep and Booking Agent in LA and Journalist/Editorial Administrator for the Santa Monica Observer, Selina started playing the bass seriously in 2012.

Steve Araujo

Steve has over 20 years of experience as a professional bassist and has served as a faculty member for The National Guitar Summer Workshop.

Latest from Steve Araujo
Latest from Tech Support

Todd Urban

Todd works as a freelance bassist, therapist, and educator in the New York City area.

Tom Wictor

Tom worked as a stevedore, library archivist, conversational English teacher, editor of the first online newspaper, voiceover actor, delivery driver, process server, document-retrieval service, and music journalist.

William Ellis

William Ellis is a U.K.-based music photographer specialising in Jazz. His contribution to the culture was recognised by the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City when he was invited to produce the Inaugural International Exhibition in 2005, and where he returned in 2008 to present his work in the 'Jazz in Black and White: Bebop and Beyond' exhibit. His work has been exhibited at international festivals and galleries in the U.K. and throughout the world including The Royal Academy of Arts London and is held in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

Latest from William Ellis

W. Hochberg, Esq.

William Hochberg is a music and media attorney with 25 years of transactional and litigation experience.

Yiorgos Fakanas

Formed the group ISKRA, which was to become the first jazz-fusion group in the country, and he participated in the EUROJAZZ orchestra as the only Greek representative, touring all of Europe.




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