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Hadrien Feraud’s Various Solo Excerpts : Pick’s Transcription Workshop


Hadrien Feraud’s Various Solo Excerpts : Pick’s Transcription Workshop

In this month’s installment of Pick’s Transcription Workshop I’ve chosen to focus on a young technically brilliant bass phenom from France named Hadrien Feraud. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He’s featured on guitar god John McLaughlin’s latest CD “Industrial Zen” where he is joined by past bass phenom Matt Garrison along with McLaughlin’s nephew Tony Grey sharing the bass duties. At only 22 years old Hadrien in my opinion the most gifted young bass player to come along in the last 20 years. He’s been called the next Jaco and even though Hadrien credits Pastorius and Weather Report with inspiring him to pick up the bass at the tender age of 8, to my ears he plays little to none of Jaco’s stock licks. His playing reminds me much more of his mentor Dominique DiPiazza with some Garrison influence thrown in there as well. He’s put out his first solo CD which is available at his website and you can also check him out on You Tube for clips of this future bass great.

Click below to download this transcription and then click to the next page for the analysis.

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