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The Sound (Part Two)


The Sound (Part Two)


I’m finishing my new CD.I’m still excited about what I saw at the Namm Show.

I’m on my way to Summer Namm in Nashville.

One thing that I left out that is important to me is clarity.

I’ve known Dave McKeen for years. He’s the Mastermind behind the electronics in my Midi 11 and my Midi 9 string basses. I just heard some of his new pre-amps and was blown away. When you record all the time in various studios, you don’t have a clue what you’re walking into. It feels great when you can trust your bass. There are tons of muddy sounding instruments with bright strings and poor pickups on them. I have tons of instruments because no one bass covers everything, or so I thought. His new preamps are so clear that all you add is the music!! I’ve fought for so long looking for speakers, amplifiers, wood combinations, and preamps. I think that I’m done with searching. I’m satisfied.

I wanted to announce that I just purchased a new Canon video camcorder to videotape examples of new ideals for the “Extended Instrument Player”. I hope to bring something new to the instrument. I have several new CD’s coming out in June. Some of my lessons will break down some of the new material and explain why I made some of my decisions. I hope to inspire, I hope to show the practical aspects of playing with 11 strings!!

Stay Blessed…

Your pal Al

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