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Pick’s Transcription Workshop: Eddie Gomez’ Bass Solo on a Chick Corea Song, “Waltse For Dave”

Meet Lucas Pickford –

In 1977 in between his classic Return to Forever albums and his late-80’s Elektric band albums, Chick Corea released a number of classic small-ensemble jazz albums full of original compositions. On this CD appropriately titled ‘Friends” Chick teams up with Joe Farrell on flute and reeds, Eddie Gomez on bass and Steve Gadd on drums. Bassist Gomez takes one of his most melodic solos on record in my opinion on the tune called ‘Waltse For Dave’. I have included the lead sheet so you can see the melody and how sublimely Gomez draws from that melody to construct a nearly perfect melodic bass solo. Some have criticized Gomez’ sound for not being ‘warm’ enough but to my ears, at least on this recording, his tone is clear, rich, and distinct. Gomez’ command of the upper register of the upright bass is astounding and is the main reason I have chosen to notate the solo in treble clef and avoid excessive ledger lines in bass clef which are difficult to read. Most electric players make the mistake of overlooking many of the world’s best acoustic players and vice versa. I hope by sharing this beautifully constructed acoustic bass solo by one of it’s greatest exponents that maybe that mistake won’t be made as often in the future.

Please click below to download the lead sheet & bass solo


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