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Gear Impressions and Luthier Spotlight With Jake Wolf: IGig G515 Gig Bag

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Gear Impressions and Luthier Spotlight With Jake Wolf: IGig G515 Gig Bag

Review by Jake Wolf
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We’ve been on a gigbag kick here lately, getting to check out and gig test a handful of sweet new offerings.  Not the least of which is the IGig G515 (which, by the way, is now available in a double bag format).   Igig sent me their case to check out, and I have to say I’m highly impressed by the build quality and feature set on the IGig.

What features you ask?  Well to start with, on the basic level, the case is crafted from ballistic nylon and black suede, expertly and stylishly stitched together; giving the bag a classy yet utilitarian feel.  The more than adequate backpack system is covered in a material that wicks sweat away and keeps you relatively cool, making the IGig a comfy and easy schlep. A closer look at the outside reveals some unique touches.  The Igig has two large lower external pockets on the front as well as a mesh organizer.

Inside the front pocket, you will find not only a padded laptop sleeve but organizers for pens, paper, biz cards etc….   The outer front pocket has a cable organizer, and actually provides enough room for a small lightweight head, like a Markbass Little Mark II, or something of comparable size.  Up top, there is an expansive accessories pocket and a small extra pocket for keys, cell phone or whatever else.  Customized IGig zipper pulls and heavy duty oversized zippers are a nice touch, especially having owned gigbags whose zippers failed long before the case material wore out.  Rubber handles on the top, front AND bottom ensures an easy load in/out from a vehicle.
A peek inside reveals what really sets the IGig apart.  There are two features that really stand out.  First is the GigPillow ™, a long padded adjustable support that allows you to secure and support the neck of your bass inside the case.  I have seen other cases utilize similar concepts, but none as functional and effective as the IGig.  With the bass secured in the GigPillow™, the bag feels rock solid and inspires confidence for the long schlep.  The second noteworthy and unique feature is the GigSaddle™.  This is essentially a cradle in the bottom of the case that offers extra protection to the bottom half of the body of your instrument.  It is kind of like a padded cup that your bass rests in at the bottom of the case.  Very cool, very smart, and equally useful, in my humble opinion.

Gripes? Well, if I have to come up with something, I will say that as a long term Incase DUB user, I am accustomed to the level of rigid protection it offers, and find it be superior to many other gigbags in that regard.  On the other hand, the DUB does not offer nearly as many features and extras as the IGig.   My only other (subjective) nitpick is this: I’ve gotten used to gigbags fitting like a glove (ala the undercover bags), and the G515 just felt a little loose and baggy to me.  This is not a bad thing, nor do I think it compromises protection; it’s just that I feel more confident with a snug fit.  IGig responded: “the G515 and G315 models were actually designed to be bigger and not ‘tight fit’ because of the overall shape of the bag.  Our other bag, the G525 is more of the ‘tight fit’ bag.  It’s slimmer and snug”.

The IGig is hard to beat in terms of features and build quality. It’s just a well thought out, well built nag that seems totally reasonable priced at $160 shipped to your door.  It is hard to imagine a more practical and utilitarian gig bag solution.  It may be a bit overkill for the weekend warrior type, but this bag is a wet dream for working pro’s and touring bassists.

IGig offers a handful of bags; check them out for more details.

Jake Wolf welcomes your comments and questions… drop him a line

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