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Priorities : Creating Grooves With David Dyson


Priorities : Creating Grooves With David Dyson

by David Dyson –

At some point, every musician has an idea or picture of how they want their future to look and how they envision their career flourishing. These grandiose thoughts are important in keeping you on track and striving toward your goals and staying positive. Many if not most of mine came true by just consistently looking and pushing forward. Not letting any negative comments or views on the business as a whole and the notion of being successful change your positive outlook. I just knew one day I’d play with many artists and do my own thing in the footsteps of my mentors and heroes such as Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Louis Johnson to name a few. There are still many artists I’d love to work with and some have past on so I missed the opportunity. But overall, I’m still on that track be it slower or faster.

Negative influences can also be turned into motivation for a positive outcome. I remember being told how hard it is to be a successful musician and that I might want to reconsider my career goals. Though it pissed me off, that only served as motivation to prove them wrong. But don’t confuse negativity with constructive criticism. Some people may have the drive and positivity, but little or no skill to back that drive up. Constructive criticism can guide you to get the help and work on your craft in the necessary areas you need to match and back that drive up. I know first hand via the “You sound just like Stanley” comment in my teen bass years. There is already a Stanley Clarke so be David Dyson! Once you realize that all your practicing and learning your heroes’ solos ultimately lead to you finding your own voice, It will be much easier to be who you are on any recording or stage.

For me, Now, Much of that drive I mentioned before has been transferred to the area of producing, writing, and film scoring. I have mentors in those areas also and I’m looking forward to realizing those career dreams and goals in the near future as well. Keep on dreaming, striving, listening, learning, growing, and achieving.

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