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Bass Lines With Jaime Vazquez: Slide It!

Meet Jaime Vazquez

Hi bass fans! In this issue, we’ re going to work for a legato sound using the slide technique instead of the hammer-on and pull-off technique.

What is a slide? If you search the definition you will find “a sliding change from one note to another.” How can you play the slide technique? It’s pretty easy! Pluck any note in your bass, and then simply slide to the next note to sound it. This technique will give you a smooth connection between the notes. It works great for slapping and fretless bass playing… Highly recommended! The slide technique is a great tool to employ when you need to change position.

Let’s see some examples:

Figure 1: Here’s a bass line using the upwards slide motion. Hear how the slide smooths this bass riff.

Figure 2: Here’s a bass line using the downwards slide motion. I like the way it sounds; it gives a very cool personality to this bass line!

Figure 3: Here we have a combination of upwards and downwards. Take care with the 8th note rests.

Figure 4: A bass line for slappin’ lovers. Look how the slide technique smooths this groove for a cool legato sound.

Figure 5: Here’s a good example for sliding your tapping bass lines. Tap the slide the notes with your right hand.

The slide technique is a very useful tool for bass playing! Feel free to experiment with your bass lines and grooves. It works all for styles.

Enjoy the slide!

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