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5 Ways the Web has Influenced Indie Music


5 Ways the Web has Influenced Indie Music

1. Taste-Testing: One of the best parts about frozen treat shops is being able to try a new flavor for free before purchasing a whole cup. You can’t walk into a concert for free and then decide after the first song is over whether or not you want to pay for the rest of it. However, the Internet lets new indie artists and bands post music for fans to sample. After getting a chance to sample new music, fans can confidently decide to buy their music and concert tickets.

2. Bye-Bye, Boundaries: No longer do you have to rely solely on a handful of local indie music venues to get your indie fix. Seeing bands and artists live is one of the best ways to experience music, but what if they never visit your local venue? The Web features indie music from all corners of the world, making geographical limitations a concern of the past.

3. Sheer Scope: With all of the numerous artists and bands currently making music, think of how many hours and dollars you’d have to dedicate to checking out all of the indie music available in your state alone if you didn’t have the Internet. It would be a full-time job-a fun one, but an expensive and time-consuming one! With sites such as that showcase purely indie music, you can listen to endless playlists of new indie songs at your desk-all in a day’s work.

4. Two-Way Communication: There’s nothing better than feeling completely connected with your favorite artists and bands. The Web provides a medium for artists and bands to frequently talk directly to their fans with updates. What’s even better is that fans can talk back by sending messages to them directly on social networking sites. With the Internet line of communication constantly open, new indie artists and bands can make strong and lasting ties with their fans.

5. The Need for Speed: In such an instant gratification type of society, we don’t want to wait for an album to make it to vanishing music shops or for bands to finally get around to visiting our towns. Understandably, we want their music ASAP! Whether artists and bands are selling their new records or posting songs and videos for free, the Web lets indie music fans get the music they crave as fast as it takes to hit “Play.” Video and song postings on the Internet are crucial to keeping fans fully up to speed with new indie music.

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