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New Bass Tapping Book by Jean Baudin

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New Bass Tapping Book by Jean Baudin

Acclaimed solo bassist Jean Baudin today announced the release of “The Mechanics of Tapping” – an instructional guide on two-handed bass tapping. Baudin, one of the world’s most recognizable bass players as a pioneer of the extended range bass, is known for his unique, dark, melodic compositions using his two-handed tapping method. Baudin first received worldwide acclaim in the ‘90s as the founding member and creator of Nuclear Rabbit and later Element of Surprise. He has more recently garnered attention for his debut solo CD released in 2008, “Solace.” From teaching bass lessons and leading clinics all over the world, Baudin has documented his tapping techniques and exercises in this 58-page manual.

“The two-handed tapping method is powerful for bassists who want to add a new dimension to their bass playing,” Baudin said. “Over the years, I have taught lessons and led master classes and clinics to help bass players learn my unique method of two-handed tapping. This book walks players through the technique and provides exercises to help them develop the skills to create and play two-handed tapping parts to create more dynamic bass parts and compositions.”

The new handbook, which also includes exercises to build finger stamina, makes Baudin’s tapping master-class techniques accessible to anyone who downloads the book.

“With this book Jean has created an excellent resource for mastering the tapping technique. His well-constructed methodology takes you from basic to complex tapping patterns with a personal style that’s both informative and entertaining. I recommend it for anyone who’s looking to expand their musical horizons.” – Michael Manring

“I was lucky enough to have one-on-one lessons with Jean and it has taken my bass playing to a whole new level!” said Brandon Smart, a student from Fresno, California. “My finger strength and stamina increased 100 percent with the exercises he has taught me, and now I can tap very tricky arpeggios and tunes with ease. No matter what style of music you play, Jean can open your eyes to new ways of playing it.”

“Attending Jean’s Master class on tapping in Paris was a major boost for me both technically and personally,” said Glen Clodore, a student from New Castle, Great Britain. “Jean’s didactic approach, his drive and passion were an incredible recipe for success; No one in the room wanted this master class to end! I particularly appreciated the fact that Jean managed to spend some time with each one of us, giving personalized advice and tips and sharing his valuable experience when we were practicing the different exercises. The material covered was cleverly selected and prepared so that regardless of our initial knowledge of tapping each of us could quickly use the concepts and technique in our own playing, I still use the provided booklet for reference. Strongly recommended!”

About Jean Baudin
Jean Baudin has performed solo bass shows and taught at clinics across the US and in Europe, including some alongside bass legends Stu Hamm and Michael Manring. Primarily self-taught, Baudin began playing the bass in 1985 and later received bass lessons from virtuoso guitarist Marty Friedman (solo artist, guitarist for MegaDeth) and Jason Becker (solo artist, member of David Lee Roth Band). Baudin first received worldwide acclaim in the ’90s as the founding member and creator of the underground California band Nuclear Rabbit and later Element of Surprise. Baudin also gained recognition for pioneering use of extended-range basses, basses with frequencies extending beyond the typical 4- or 5- string range. Baudin moved to a 6-string in 1996, a 9-string in 1999, and an 11-string in 2004. Baudin created a two-handed tapping style that fully utilizes this full range of low, deep bass notes, as well as high treble notes – enabling him to play multiple parts at once, similar to how a pianist can play a melody and a harmony or bassline at the same time. Adding pedal effects creates a multi-instrument affect, often dazzling listeners by how only one person is creating so much sound.

Baudin’s solo bass videos on youtube have garnered more than 13 million views. His “Solace” solo bass debut CD is now available in either CD or MP3 Download. The CD fully explores Baudin’s diverse range and skill, including the delicate, clear innocence of “Vanishing,” to the haunting sounds of “Frosty Acres” to the heavy, powerful “Krackatoa.” The solo compositions were recorded by Baudin without overdubbing, so live performances bring these songs to life.

Baudin is endorsed by Conklin guitars, Accugroove speaker cabinets, Ernie Ball, La Bella strings, BOSS effects, Ken Lawrence Instruments, Phil Jones Bass speakers, and Milennia Media.

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