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Dig Your Gear? Review it for Bass Musician Magazine!

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Dig Your Gear? Review it for Bass Musician Magazine!

Coming Fall 2010, a new segment at Bass Musician Magazine called, Show Us Your Gear!

Bass Musician Magazine has always been about an open dialogue with our readership. We now open a new door in that construct. We’d like “you”, the reader, to send in an article for “Show Us Your Gear”. This is about giving your personal vantage point on equipment you own, and believe in. Gear reviews are everywhere, but it’s time to create the space for you to speak out personally on a piece of gear you own and why it works for you, how it lets your voice surface because of it’s intrinsic functionality.

Of course we realize there’s gear out there that you might own that doesn’t meet those standards, but we’re choosing to keep to the positive in an effort to enlighten all of our readers to alternatives they should possibly consider. Speak out…let your voice be heard, and why.

We feel this will make a substantial difference to concerned artists. We welcome your thoughts in an “article” format to present our readers.

Send us a written review OR link to a Youtube video (shot for Bass Musician Magazine) for consideration in an upcoming issue of Bass Musician Magazine. If your review is chosen, we will contact you directly to obtain photos of your gear, or you gigging with it, etc. CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR REVIEW NOW! Note: The Editor, Jake Kot, reserves the right to edit written reviews for clarity, content and length.

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