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L-O-V-E by Issac Delgado (Calle54 Records & Sony Music)

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L-O-V-E by Issac Delgado (Calle54 Records & Sony Music)

Review by Raul Amador

L-O-V-E by Issac Delgado (Calle54 Records & Sony Music)… Music from every country in the world has it’s classic, well know tunes that are loved and recorded by countless artists putting their own spin on each one. Latin America is no exception and Cuban superstar Issac Delgado has taken on the task of bringing a music collection to us with a very smooth voice that reminds us of the immortal Nat “King” Cole (only mostly in Spanish). As a matter of fact, most of these songs were actually recorded by Nat. There is even a special guest on “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas,” Nat’s brother Freddy!

Issac Delgado did a great job with this endeavor, and I find this to be quite the addition to any collection. These songs are mostly romantic, very smooth, old school, and worthy of lighting some candles and popping the cork on something good…

The supporting instrument mix as the bass (both upright and electric) is very clear and discernible and well done. Very clean piano, horns and percussion complete the very nicely balanced scaffolding for this CD. Boleros, sambas, plenas, rumbas, and joropos are just some of the varied tempos you will enjoy and if you have lived in Latin America like I have, recognize. It’s kind of like soul food for your ears.

I know you will recognize the American standards sung in Spanish with a Latin beat. If you haven’t heard any of these tunes, they will expand your musical horizons.

Check this one out and listen to it with someone you love!

L-O-V-E by Issac Delgado available at

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