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“Palimpsest” by Terry Pack

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“Palimpsest” by Terry Pack

Review by Raul Amador –

British bassist Terry Packs’ “Palimpsest” intrigued me when I first heard it because it combines Jazz and World music. Lucky for me, I like both!

Terry offers a blend of original and popular tunes with just enough variety that anyone can find something they like on this CD.

I get the impression that Terry handpicked a very solid group of musicians and vocalists (too many to mention here) to bring this music to life. It is great that the “Booklet” that comes with the CD gives us more details about them all.

My only “beef”, and I will get it out of the way right here, is that I would have liked to have heard Terry’s bass work more clearly on some tracks. It could be a mixing thing or how the microphone was set up for the recording. I heard everyone else solo very clearly but the bass kind of came across a little muffled. I suppose it could have been intentional…. If so that’s cool. I can still feel him in there somewhere. OK, I am done with that!

Mentioning some of the highlights:

“Fragilidade” is a version of Stings “Fragile” done in Portuguese. Barbara Raimondi has a lovely voice and well, the Portuguese language is just plain sexy!

“All Blues” is a very familiar Miles Davis tune done with a rock feel. I felt it was a little more “Funky than “Rocky” but I really like Funk better!

“Blues in Green”. Here we have a tidy little shuffle that makes you want to join in! Lot’s of fun!

“Pentacle” is made of some very nice piano and bass interaction in a nice up-beat tempo.

“Amazing Grace”… You all know this one, but have you heard it done on Upright?

So there you have quite a few “Pearls” surrounded by a varied assortment of tempos and juicy Jazz and Blues. There is enough here to keep us all interested and entertained. Good job Terry and friends!

Check it out!

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