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Peace is Freedom by Francis Mbappe

Review by Creative Director, Raul Amador –

After just a few bars of the first track on Peace is Freedom, I was hooked! Cameroonian bassist Francis Mbappe knows that you need to strike hard with your first track and the rest is gravy.

“Freedom” opens with his bass and B-3 Hammond. Very tight and smooth horns punch this tune into gear and a rolling Brazilian percussive element mixed with a tasty African spice makes you want to get up on your feet! There is quite a mix of tempos, syncopation and meaningful lyrics and we are only on one tune.

I have stated many times that music is the universal language so I don’t mind that most of the lyrics are in a language I don’t understand. I do speak the funky Slap and Pop and the chordal, percussive groove that prevails throughout the CD. Francis Mbappe can really lay it down!

Each track is unique and enticing, seriously solid arranging. It doesn’t hurt that Francis has brought in some amazing musicians to compliment his foundation. I want to give special mention to either Aaron Heick or Lenart Krecic (Whomever was working it on “Esquina Latina”). OK, My son is a Sax player so I really enjoy good Sax solos. In general the horns are very impressive. Simply listen to “Lion Kola” and you will agree.

I also want to recognize the tight percussion section that ties in with the bass in such a seamless fashion. Let me not forget the very harmonious background vocals either, stellar.

Most of this CD is very bright and upbeat and I use it to kick start my day. Superb driving music! (Who needs coffee?)

Excellent work Francis…

Check this one out, you will walk away happy.

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