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“Brazilian Footprints” by Mary Fettig

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“Brazilian Footprints” by Mary Fettig

“Brazilian Footprints” by Mary Fettig, a CD review by Raul Amador

I have enjoyed Brazilian music for as long as I can remember. My aunt Helen spent a lot of time in Brazil in the early sixties as part of her studies, and every time she came back and stopped by our house to visit, she always brought interesting gifts and records with unique music not available in our local stores (even in progressive Boulder, Colorado) or on our local radio stations. The richness of this music impressed me with its amazing percussion, rhythms, chord patterns and concepts.

When my friend Derek Jones (You remember him from Cirque Du Soleil’s “KA” playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas) told me that there was a CD I should hear with Brazilian music I was eager to give it a listen!

“Brazilian Footprints” by Mary Fettig brings us a solid instrumental sampling of this genre. Sambas and Bossas prevail with intricate syncopated rhythms and patterns. The lead “voice” we hear on this CD is provided on Sax and Flute by Mary Fettig. Marcos Silva wears the dual hats of Musical Producer and Pianist. Mary’s’ son Scott Thompson gives us some excellent Bass work on his Electric six-string that brings all this together. Since I am all about the bass, I found Scott’s playing very respectable and flawless; this young musician shows a lot of potential.

Lets get back to the CD… The collection of tunes we are treated to present a picture of contemporary Brazil, and I envision modern Brazilian life as I listen. Buildings, beaches, parks and of course the ever-present sensuality of the Brazilians themselves comes across with each note. I recall helping a young drummer grasp the feel of a Bossa by asking him to think about the cadence of a woman walking on a sandy beach… You know, he got it after that!

Some of my favorite cuts on this CD include “Take the RR Train”, “No Balanço do Jequibáu”, Baixixe”, and “Inspiração na Esquina” with their exquisite, upbeat, lighthearted Flute work.

The final track titled, “The Monster and the Flower” gives us a chance to hear Scott cut loose and show us his stuff as well as the rest of the very talented musicians that collaborated on this work. Well Done!

If Brazilian Jazz is your thing, check this CD out!

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