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A Look at Creativity

jake kot

Editor's Notes

A Look at Creativity

Meet Editor Jake Kot –

I’m going to being opening up a blog very soon addressing “Creativity”. (I will give notice to everyone when it’s up). I’ve been looking hard into the subject of our creative-self as it still remains to be one of the hardest subjects to tackle with all of my students, and I believe everyone deals with wondering how creative we can truely be on some level. What exactly is creativity? There are actually quite a few variations on the meaning of creativity out there. Here’s the definition that hits home for me personally. Creativity is applied imagination. As simple as that sounds, it still remains to be seen that many players out there still see this as a weakness in their overall musicianship. So I’ve decided to take one of the blogs I’ll be presenting and offer it to our readers…a small step you can take to help you see your creative potential a little more clearly. I’m sure this exercise will get you thinking.

Click below to download the exercise:

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