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Bass Lines: Grooving with the Melody – Part II

Welcome back to Bass Lines! Here it is, Part II.

Thanks a lot for your comments and for the appreciation of Part I. This time I will show you an example of one of my all-time favorites, John Coltrane’s Mr. PC. This famous jazz standard has a very interesting melody that works great as a groove.

Between us, this is where I started the concept of grooving with the melody. Coltrane is a great school!

When I play live this jazz standard, I play the melody in the low register while the backing up band is playing a shuffle reggae style. It sounds very cool. I like the way the melody interacts with the groove. Try it!

Click to view John Coltrane’s Mr PC

Also, for your knowledge, Mr. Paul Chambers was playing the double bass in the original recording of Mr. PC in 1959. Keep Grooving!


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