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Joy by Patrick Andy

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Joy by Patrick Andy

Joy by Patrick Andy… Musicians by definition are the gifted individuals that have the ability to express themselves through what I have previously described as the “Universal Language”…. Music!

We use our musical voice to speak out about our feelings. We share our love, pain, anger, desperation, happiness, freight, hope, and most importantly Joy! Patrick Andy shares the fruits of his inspiration, Jesus with this CD.

The concept of a Christian music CD is not new but Patrick reaches to his roots from Madagascar and the flavor of much of his music itself is quiet unique. There are many tracks where Patrick goes with a more mainstream R&B feel, Christian music approach. These cuts are good but I prefer the more “exotic” tunes better; I am not being critical, I am just sharing what is more to my taste.

The majority of the score are original works with a few Malagasy Hymns. The supporting musicians and vocalists are very tight and the end product is very solid. Patrick mixes up his “Bass Job” playing Electric, Upright and Synth bass and I like that you can hear his part clearly as I enjoy it when they mix it like that. His technique and musicality are quite impressive and this young player has a lot of potential for the future.

My favorite tunes are all those that have that Malagasy flavor. “Offering of praise” has a great, syncopated tempo and sets the general upbeat tone that characterizes the entire project. There is a chorus of children in this piece near the end that is cute but a little flat, which can be one of the risks of working with youth.

“Creation song” incorporates a Sitar and has lyrics in both Malagasy and English; we have another interesting time signature on this tune.

“Always There” gives us a juicy, bluesy feel. This piece is slow, deliberate and nicely articulated. The Vibe solo in the middle is sweet. Some of the lyrics are in Spanish.

“I Belong to You” has what I call a “Joropo” tempo (Feel free to correct me in the comment section below if you have a more accurate description). This beat may have a different name in Madagascar. There are some Marimba sounds that make this all the tastier!

All in all, Christian music fans and non-Christian music fans can find common ground here and receive the Joy that Patrick has to share with us all! Well done!

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