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Shadow Eden

Shadow Eden… Maybe it is the musician in me, but my life has a Soundtrack! We all have that song that reminds of significant moments in our past.  Memories of our first car, our first kiss, that wild ride on the “Rock and Roller Coaster” in Disneyworld. (The song that was the back-drop of that experience was, “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith) These songs add dimension to our life experience.

So, You are wondering… where is he going with this? I think that this CD would be the perfect Soundtrack for your snowboarding, skateboarding or even mountain biking adventures!

“Shadow Eden” is a prime example of what I would describe as respectable “Eighties style” Rock. The power behind the music comes from a hard charging trio made up of David Mercado on guitar, Kenny Weydener on bass and Kenny Lane on drums.  (There are no vocals here) Each one of these musicians pulls their weight and the end result is greater than the sum of the parts. I particularly enjoyed the bass solos because Bass is my thing but it was all very good.

The CD is comprised of six tracks. Each cut is unique and has it’s own merit. I found something familiar about these tunes (Chord patterns maybe,) composed by Mercado and Weydener but this familiarity made them grow on me quickly.

If Hard Rock (and maybe extreme sports) is your thing, you should give this CD a listen! Visit online at

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