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Scales and Modes with Joshua Barnhart: Tensions


Scales and Modes with Joshua Barnhart: Tensions

Hello and welcome back. This month will be our last look at bass chords, and it will involve some of the 7th chords we’ve looked at in the past, so if you haven’t seen that article I suggest going back and reviewing that lesson before continuing with this one.

This Lesson we’ll look closely at some chord shapes that employ the use of tensions such as 9, 11, and 13th chords. And because of the number of notes that are going to be played some of them will require a 5 string. I and many others also suggest a high C string on your instrument so that the chords can ring fully and not clash due to low interval limits.

Here are some of my personal favorite chords that don’t necessarily fit the criteria that have been laid out in the past lessons.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our look into chords for bass.


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