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Bass Lines with Jaime Vazquez: Salsa Grooves from Kimary Carrero’s Debut Album Desahogo


Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

This month I want to show you some excerpts of what I’m playing with Kimary Carrero “The New Voice of Salsa.” Her debut album called “Desahogo” is making a difference in the salsa music scene.

The music is modern, passionate, youthful and full of energy. I’m having a lot of fun playing with her orchestra!

Let’s play!


Fig. 1
Here we have the first eight bars of the verse from the single “Ay Amor.” As you can see, I’m using a lot of

perfect fifths and octaves to keep the latin flavor in the song.

Fig. 2
These are the last twelve bars of the intro of “Huele a Peligro.” Here,  I’m just trying to keep it simple by playing the roots of the chords and adding some colors with the chord

Fig. 3
For the song called “Ahora,” we have a very cool bass tumbao. The first downbeat of every four bars plays a very important role in the groove.

Fig. 4
Here it is! One of my favorite grooves from the song called “Todo Esta de Mas.” This bass line has a cool interaction with the rhythm section. A solid groove!

Fig. 5
The song called “Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti,” has a challenging part. The bass is playing unison lines together with the keyboards. Keep focus on bars 3 and 4. Then, work with syncopation at bars 5-8.

Fig. 6
Now we have an example of a more syncopated bass tumbao. These are the last eight bars of the intro part of “Te Amo.” Hold on to the downbeats, they’re your ‘afinque’

Fig. 7
Here’s a very important latin bass groove from the introduction of “Aprendiz.” The bass tumbaos are on octaves.

Have FUN and keep grooving!

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