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RENT Bass Transcription, Without You


RENT Bass Transcription, Without You

Used for educational reasons

This is another of my bass line transcriptions from the musical RENT (Which I was assistant director for in Hollywood). A “minimalistic” bass line supports this song “Without you”, however it fits the vibe of the song perfectly. It is performed with a Fretless bass. It starts with a vamp on D. If I am not mistaken it is the 7th song of the second act.

In this point of the story, Roger and Mimi’s relationship becomes strained. Roger keeps talking about moving out of town. Mimi comes home late again, causing Roger to accept as true that she is cheating on him with Benny. Roger jealously storms out, Mimi stops him and tries to tell him the truth, that she is not cheating and that she is still using drugs, but can’t get the words out, and Roger leaves her… Collins continues nursing Angel who is very sick as AIDS begins to overtake him.

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