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AMPEG SVT 7PRO Review by Rod Lowe

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AMPEG SVT 7PRO Review by Rod Lowe

AMPEG SVT 7PRO Review submission by BMM Reader Rod Lowe

1000w @ 4 ohms 600 @ 8ohms approx.15lbs
Class D with tube pre amp.

This is the only non-ALL TUBE amp I’ve found that ‘feels’ like my old ’92 SVTII. Big nasty bottom, but still retains clarity thru the mids unlike other class D hybrids.

Sits IN the mix of a band superbly & cuts thru when you need.

Onboard compressor is nice too. I use it at about 9 o’clock, so it feels a little MORE like the SVTII I miss so much. (Had to sell it due to my bad back :-/ )

Front panel mounted FX blend control is nice also, and it’s great to be able to adjust the FX you may plug into the loop “on the fly”.

The 7 PRO will do a nice fur type overdrive, not a full on grind like the SVTII-all tube SVT’s, but a nice overdrive all the same. For full on grind I simply use a VT bass pedal-into the FX loop and it’s so:- blendable!!!

Love this amp. Along with my MESA Walkabout-IMO, it’s THE most luscious tube amp sound in a Hybrid, ever!

More information on the AMPEG SVT 7PRO available online at

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