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The Book of Triads Available for Bass Players Worldwide

Basso Ridiculoso announces today the debut e-pub “The Book of Triads” is available to bass players around the world for immediate download on either IOS devices (Ipad, Iphone), Kindle, or any desktop OS (Mac, Windows, Linux)

“The Book of Triads” contains 80 separate exercises covering two octaves, each playing all the diatonic triads available within the key of C Major. “The Book of Triads” focuses on getting the player familiar with the notes, the various finger shapes of triads and movement up and down the neck using these 80 different permutations of triads which include root position voicing, retrograde order, first inversion, and open voicing. Alternating patterns and various combinations are paired together so that even an experienced player will find a new way to explore these important harmonic units.

“The Book of Triads” contains standard notation (bass clef), tablature, (for four-string bass), and each chord tone (root, third or fifth) is labeled in every exercise.

“The Book of Triads” can be viewed with free, open-source software such as Calibre ( for desktop machines, or with free built in e-pub readers on the Ipad and the IPhone. Kindle users can download the .mobi version of “The Book of Triads” via Amazon’s WhisperNet directly to their device.

“Triads get overlooked sometimes, especially in this world of extended chords containing altered 11ths and 13ths” says author Basso Ridiculoso. “But a lot of players that are considered to have a modern sound actually use triad-based techniques like triad pairs or hexatonics to get that sound. And as far creating a solid bass line is concerned, triads are the very foundation for outlining harmonies in a strong way. The Book of Triads will get you elbow deep in all the triad possibilities found in the major scale for either solos or walking lines.”

“The Book of Triads” is available for $9.99 US for immediate download from the following locations:

e-pub version (Ipad, Iphone, Desktop PC):

Kindle Version:

Basso Ridiculoso is the Bloggo de Cappo Tutti at the bass and improv related blog The Blog discusses all things bass related and includes transcriptions of classic bass lines such as Autumn Leaves, lessons, exercises, interviews and opinions. Lots of opinions.

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