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Andrea Fascetti – Cinema

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Andrea Fascetti – Cinema

Seven string Italian bassist Andrea Fascetti has just released his latest CD, Cinema, which I’m sure will catch a lot of attention in the bass community. Joining him on this effort is Andrea Garibaldi on piano, Massimo Manzi on drums, and special guest Marco Bartalini on trumpet and flugelhorn.

The trio swings and grooves hard, interacts with heart, and improvisationally is a joy to listen to. Andrea and Andrea (that’s actually correct) provide a rich and creative harmonic foundation on each of the tunes and continually compliment each other, as well as the music…no easy task. Manzi’s percussive exploration’s blends right in and gives this trio a unique and very progressive vibe, a welcome change from the usual traditional approach. They skillfully (and musically) breathe new life into these standards and succeed at keeping the music fresh with their individual voices positively contributing to the composition as a whole.

Andrea (F) displays tempered and fine tuned virtuosity within his playing both in section mode and in his improvisational escapades. He’s developed a wonderful voice that I’m sure won’t go unnoticed, and shouldn’t in this players opinion. His sense of melodic expression shows great maturity, and more importantly is just damn fun to listen to.

I highly recommend checking out this CD, and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about it over the social airwaves.

Andrea Fascetti – Cinema available at

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