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Tecamp Puma Combo 112

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Tecamp Puma Combo 112

Tecamp also submitted their Puma Combo 112 along with the S212 cab and Puma 900 head for review.  Utilizing their great sounding Puma preamp and a class D power section, the 112 combo puts out 270 watts at 8 ohms (350 watts at 4ohms using an extension cab via speakon output). This 112 combo felt stage ready and had everything necessary to function at a pro level.  Like the other Tecamp gear, its fit, finish and build quality is flawless.  The Puma combo 112 is outfitted with a single 12” driver (the same one used on all their 12” equipped cabs) and high frequency tweeter in a remarkably compact and ultra lightweight package. I play a lot of small wine bar/jazz club type gigs, and it was an utter joy to roll in with such a tiny yet fully featured rig, capable of producing high quality tone and surprisingly ample output (no sweat keeping up with a 4 piece combo in a noisy room).  Band mates and bass buddies alike commented on the warmth and big-ness of its tone, and they especially liked its handy removable ‘kickstand’ which angles the combo back at roughly 45 degrees.

1×12 combos are in no short supply these days, and at $1590, the Tecamp might not be the cheapest 1×12 combo on the block.  However, I think you’d be hard pressed to find one to match the Tecamp’s exceptional build quality, awesome tone, and pro level features.  For more info, contact Austin Bass Trader’s Glenn Kawamoto (

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